Y1- Motor port on control box not working

Assembled the 30x30 today. Getting to the electronics portion of the build and found an issue while jogging, whenever the right or left Y axis motor is plugged into the “Y1-Motor” port, it stops functioning.

I adjusted the wheel tension, backlash pin, lead screw, couplers, DIP switches every suggestion I could read about online with no success.

Does anybody have an idea as to why the right and left y axis motors/gantries will function normally when plugged into the “Y2-Motor” port, bit neither work in the “Y1-Motor” port?

I have a feeling it’s a faulty control box.

I know next to nothing about the control box, but do you see 4 lights on when the unit is powered up?

Yes. 4 red lights have been there since the first time I turned it on

Just a thought but check the control box connector for Y1 and make sure none of the 4 pins are bent in the socket. As for the dip switches you might want to flip them the opposite way and then back to their set positions (1 and 3 ON/UP and 2 and 4 OFF/DOWN… Sometimes they look like they are ok but may not be quite set.

I checked the pins earlier when I was taking my brain and nothing seemed off. I’ll check again and try the DIP maneuver. Thank you

Update @Heyward43 check pins and reset all DIPs, but still no improvement. @chrismakesstuff or @andy do you guys have any suggestions?

It sounds to me like it may be a faulty control box. When was it that you received your LongMill?

@chrismakesstuff My CNC was delivered this past Monday the 13th.

*Edit:. Order # 15080

Hm that’s interesting because we’ve been QA’ing the control boxes for issues like this ever since mid-November of 2019. When the motor is plugged into the Y1 port, does it make a sound like it’s trying to move?

Yes. A signal is definitely making it to the motor. It is trying to do something. It’s strange because it has nothing to do with tension on the gantry or lead screw because when I switch that same motor into the Y2 port it will move and operate as it should

It may then be a damaged control box. Interesting. Would you mind sending us an email to hi@sienci.com with your phone number, I think Andy could give you a quick call to confirm and if so we’d be happy to send you a new box

Hey @chrismakesstuff Andy did get ahold of me and is having a new control box sent out. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, haven’t been on the forums until today.

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