Z control with Xbox controller gSender 1.2.0

I just downloaded and installed the new gSender 1.2.0 and am having an issue with my Xbox controller and the Z jogging. I got the controller connected and am able to move the X and Y around the waste board, but when I add a shortcut for Z+ or Z- (d-pad up and down) then all my movements stop working with the controller and I have to remove the xbox controller profile and create a new one for it to start working again. Not sure if its a bug in the new gSender, as it was working in the last release.

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Exactly the same problem here

I don’t get anything to happen. Is there a step to activate the controller? I have an XBox controller that clearly shows up in my Windows system, but nothing happens when I press any of the buttons in gSender. I even went to one of those online testers and confirmed it is working the way it should. I’ve even clicked “enable all shortcuts” to be sure everything was enable. Default profile from gSender.

gSender 1.2.0

Since installing gSender 1.2.0 I too have lost most control over my mk2 with my Xbox controller. I have tried Windows 10 and 3 fresh installs of various Debian based distros with all the same results. Only the analog sticks work and only for x & y. I was using to dpad for z in 1.1.7 but now that version will not run at all which I find very strange….Any ideas? Hot fix inbound?

Same issue as well with a brand new Logitech F170. Up to date Windows 11 and gSender 1.2.0. Only the left and right sticks work (they both do the same thing: - x and y axis control). Same issue that once I touch one of the other controls on the gamepad gSender no longer responds to the sticks. I did find that if I go into the configuration of the profile and modify (usually the first setting) the “open file” with the “A” button, the sticks will work again. I was able to configure each standard function in gSender with a control on the gamepad (e.g. gSender was receiving the correct information from the gamepad/drivers). Waited until now to get a remote device.

BTW does anyone know if the Logitech gamepad should be in "D"irect or “X” mode?

Hey folks,

We have investigated the problem and seemingly fixed it on our end now. If anyone could send me their preferences file by exporting their settings on gsender 1.2.0 that would be awesome, it would help me validate that the fix is working correctly.


Walid K.