For Sale: Longmill 30x30 Mk 1 V2, LaserBeam plus EXTRAS⁷

I am sad to announce that I need to sell my Longmill 30x30. Many things have changed in the last few months and with retirement looming, I just do not have the space for all of this wood working stuff like I had planned.

Not included is a PC or any software. But for comparison, I use gSender pretty much exclusively, V-Carve Desktop and Lightburn. The USB cable that comes with the Longmill (blue with ferrite core) is included.

I have a Mk 1 V2 30x30 Longmill. This version DOES NOT have the large Emergency stop button. I have had it for over 2 years and have loved it. The Longmill has performed marvelously and I have had no issues that have not been resolved by Sienci. It has been running flawlessly for the time I have owned it. I have not had any of the problems often reported with the touch probe, gSender or the mill itself, other than a NEMA motor issue that was resolved way back at the beginning of my CNC journey.

Here is what is included:
The Longmill Mk 1 Version 2, and the Sienci 7W LaserBeam with G2, G7, G8 and 3 element lenses, safety glasses, and mount. Sienci original touch plate, Makita RT0701C router mounted in the Longmill (Have not needed to replace the brushes and I always use two wrenches, not the push-button). 4’ x 4’ table with 2 locking and 2 regular casters with shelf about 35-36 inches high, the spoil board is 2 2’ x 4’ sheets of 3/4" MDF with another smaller piece of MDF on the top, and an enclosure made out of MDF and Foam (my homemade attempt at an enclosure). I also have two heavy weight moving blankets to help dampen sound as I was running this in my apartment garage.

I have a large variety of bits stored in a multi-drawer storage case from up/down cut 1/4" and 1/8", aluminum/acrylic 1 flute 1/8" bits, bowl-type bits, 30/60/90v-bits, 1/8" round nose bits, 1 tapered ball nose bit. I also have a surfacing bit and keyhole bit… I have the 1/8" adapter and the 1/8" collet for the smaller bits. There are about 40 or so 1/8" shorter length ball nose and straight bits that I found at a garage sale on clearance. Also included are two 3 drawer plastic drawer systems with extra Longmill parts, tools, sanding blocks, masking and 3m Double faced tape and a Banggood 5 watt rated (read 2 Watt) laser that I used before the LaserBeam with an acrylic mount. Not sure if I still have all the hookup wire for this, but if I do, I’ll throw it in the drawer.

Also included is an 8 gallon Stanley shop vacuum with a dust deputy on casters and extra hose, the Sienci original and magnetic dust boots, extra Sienci parts, wrenches files, chisels and alan keys.

It’s all yours. Best if this is picked up in a box truck and we can wheel the whole thing into the truck or bring some help and we can lift it into the box truck. Due to the amount of stuff included, I cannot ship. I am located in SE Wisconsin near the Illinois border.

**$2,000 for the Longmill and Longmill accessories as described above.

Do not negotiate with me on this forum, please PM me or email with questions.

Here are some pictures:

@stevendq I’m sorry to hear that your situation causes you to sell, Steve. I wish you luck with your sale.

I hope that you will stick around the forum even after you no longer have your Mill. The advice that you can offer as a result of your experience will always be welcome.


@gwilki Thanks Grant. Yeah serious downsizing and I don’t have enough room. Not what I wanted. Loving CNC and THE CNC. Will definitely stay around.

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Do you still have this available?

@Cruiser56 . Welcome Kenneth! Yes this is still available.

Did you get my email

I do not see an email from you, checked my spam, too. If you click my icon in this message (my sad face) and then click the message button, I will get a PM. Otherwise you can use

UPDATE: @Cruiser56 I did just get the email and responded a few minutes ago.

3/28/2022 Still Available. Click the pic next to my name (stevendq) and send me a message if interested.

Updated listing and price.

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4/10/22 updated price, now $2,000.

Sale is pending as of 6pm, 4/11/22

Sold today, please close the thread.

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@stevendq I’m both sad and glad for you, Steve. Thread is closed.


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