Category Topics

General Banter

Wanna chat with the rest of our community? Join in on the conversation

Tools and Resources

This category is for sharing tools, makers, or resources that you’ve come across which you feel would be beneficial to share with the community. Let’s spread some knowledge!

Machine Support & Info

Having some issues with your machine or looking to get more info about it? Get the knowledge or assistance from our mods and wise community members here.

Add-ons & Modifications

Show off the ideas and implementations you’ve had for how to modify, improve, or accessorize your CNC!

Cutting Fails and Learnings

Share the failures that you’ve made along the way so that we can all chuckle, clap, and learn from what went wrong. Failure is the only way forward!

Finishing Techniques

There are so many different kinds of finishing coats (wood, shellac, paint, lacquer, dyes, etc.) and learned finishing techniques out there and not enough time on this planet for everyone to learn from scratch! Share what you know and learn from others

Show off your Projects!

This category is solely made so that anyone can show off all of the cool stuff they’ve made!


Company updates will be posted here. See development progress, new improvements, or just general news and announcements!

Site Feedback

Discussion about our community forum itself, how it works, and how we can improve this site.