Trying to get VFD working

I’ve “upgraded” to a 110v 1.5kw water cooled spindle with huanyang vfd. I’ve wired it as follows.

Longboard (LB) SpinPWM to VFD VI
LB SpinGND to VFD ACM bridged to DCM
LB SpinDir to VFD FOR

I’ve changed the jumper and pd settings in the VFD to what was recommended in the VFD wiring post found here. I’ve changed the LB max spindle speed parameter to 24k. I can verify that the M3 Sxxxxx commands result in 5v coming from SpinDIR and appropriately prorated voltage from SpinPWM. The spindle was working in manual mode before attempting to connect to LB.


@spike - Welcome Spike. About time you joined the forum. Have been seeing you quite a bit on the facebook page. Unfortunately I am not a spindle expert so can’t help you. There is somebody on here that has installed a spindle I believe so maybe they can help.
Try this post for starters - VFD Wiring Instructions
If no help there just search for “Spindle” and there are other posts.

Thats the guide I’ve been using. I haven’t been able to find much other useful information by searching.

@Spike - Ah. Didn’t realize you had already looked. Maybe someone else can help. Maybe sending the poster of that post a message. He may have other information. Worth a try anyway.

I’ve added a little more information to the post which includes pictures and descriptions of the wiring from the LongBoard to the VFD as well as discussion on post-processor settings.