1.4.7 Stops at an m6 command

I’m now on 1.4.7 ever thing works, But the fixed location tool change, When I set up the location
for the tool change load a job click start router goes to the right place I click all the boxes that
all works GREAT but when it comes to first M6 command it turns off the router and just stays there
where it stopped if I hit resume it will start cutting the rest of the file with same bit and no tool change

I’m Running a shapeoko 3 XXL using Cut2d-Desktop 12.0 was wondering if this could be a post processor problem ? Cut2d PP says it’s for carbide 3d auto TC inch the one I’m using
Commands output for tool change are

“M6 T{T}”

With that info in the post processor, it will do exactly as you describe - just turn the router off and stop.
I would just move the router to a convenient spot, change the bit, zero it then hit resume.
That’s how mine works, but I have the tool change in gSender to PAUSE.

@TimRod I’ve moved your topic to the Vectric category. This is not a gSender bug. As you and @Lappa posted, this is a post processor issue. The machine is doing exactly what the gcode is telling it to do. :grinning: