1/4" and 1/8" collets

I have been looking for a 1/8" collet for my Makita router, to replace the 1/4" to 1/8" adapter that I have been using. It’s not a big thing. I just try to stay away from adapters.

I found a US-based company - Elaire - that manufactures collets for this router. However, they would not tell me how they ship to Canada and their shipping costs were almost as much as their products.

Finally, I found a Quebec-based company - RobotShop - that sells a package of two collets, one 1/4" and one 1/8" for $25 USD. They list them as fitting the Carbide Create trim router, which I confirmed is a clone of the Makita.

I received my collets today and I can confirm that the quality is excellent and that they fit the Makita trim router.


I had bought the same set and I confirm that they work fine all the way to highest RPM Makita could run. I wish they also supply metric ( 3mm, 6mm ) collet cones for Makita also.