1 year of longmill

I bought my longmill about 1 year ago. I thought it would be awesome if i could build lake map cribbage boards for people I knew that lived on the lakes around me and for the lakes I really liked to fish so I could have one in my fishouse when I was on that lake. Just this week i made a cribbage table that was 30"x 60" for a resort owner that I met at a cribbage tournament at a local brewery. When i finished it they gave me $250 more than i asked for. Plus they want resort cribbage boards, a cribbage board for their daughters wedding gift, and a personalized wedding board. I have even able to make Minnesota cutting boards out of butcher block (given to me by a friend) for local churchs auctions that have made $100 on them along with cribbage boards made from plywood that have went for $60 to $100. I hope I dont jinx myself but i have only had a few minor issues with this machine (gsender m0 command from carbide create) but honestly couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’ve done inlays that I did not think I could do. One last thing that I made was for a couple that stopped and asked my daughter and I when we were biking if we wanted to hide in their garage until the rain stopped. I made them an engraved thank you letter on a board with the lake contour map that they lived on. They went through the trouble of finding out someone that knew me and got my phone number to tell me thank you and that they have never seen received something so nice. As I was writing this post the resort owners that bought the table sent me a picture of them playing on the table for the fisrt time.


@BigA Well done, Aaron! Excellent work.