1999 Kawasaki Drifter 1500cc Clock

I am testing the super long board by doing many small projects to confirm its reliability. The idea of making a clock using the tank badge graphic of my bike was raised on a UK Facebook page, so I figured that I would play with the idea.

This is the result. Not a very complated project, but a worthwhile test of the SLB running on ethernet, with dust collection running.


Very nice @gwilki - quite elegant.

Was that a white painted panel that you milled the surface off of to expose the brown? Also curious how you did the black lettering - that’s a really sharp look.

@elbarsal Tks, Ed. The panel is white melamine coated MDF. 3/4" thick. I masked it with MacTac shelve paper to vcarve the numbers and the name “drifter”. Then just sprayed them and removed the mask. The rest is just a vcarve toolpath in VCarvePro using a 60° downcut vbit (the same one that I used for the letters and the drifter.) and a 1/8" down cut for the clearing path.
My original plan was to paint the design, too, but I got lazy and simply clear coated it with spray lacquer.

I carved out the pocket for the clock mechanisn before doing the face.

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@gwilki nice job Grant, very clean and sharp! I’ve done Harley & Indian, my neighbor has a old Indian with a sidecar, he’s been trying to talk me out of my sign hangs in my garage.

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@Bill Tks much, Bill. An Indian with a side car. That’s fine.

@gwilki Nicely done Grant! Something to be proud of for sure! Glad to see the Super Long Board is being run through its paces! Can’t wait to see what is next sir!

@Jake Tks, Jake. The SLB beta testing is not without its challenges, but that’s what beta testing is all about. I certainly have no regrets.

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On a separate, but related note, I’m trying to determine whether or not to take the plunge and get the SLB now… or wait to see what sort of problems come up and get it then. Based on everything I’ve heard I really don’t see anything that my MK 1 board provides that would cause me to want to get it.
Perhaps you’d be willing to share you thoughts?

Thanks, and again, nice looking clock front.

Marty from Kingston, ON, Canada, eh?

@ApexWoodworks Tks, Marty. So as not to take this topic too far off the subject, I’ll DM you shortly.