1st project with laser

Showing off my first laser project with my new laser…


Awesome result. Way better than my firsts. What wood did you laser on?

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Thank you Eddie, I used alder veneer with a mdf core 3/8 thick. It was a 3 1/2 hour burn.

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That looks fantastic! I like the design choice and the laser shows it off nicely IMHO. I’m assuming you milled the frame and I like that as well. I think the frame design helps to add depth to the image.

P.S. It looks like we have another spoil board decorator! Did you do that with the laser too? I think having a grid on the spoil board makes it much easier to align things square to the mill as well as looking cool.

Well, Thanks Michael, The spoilboard is actually done with a 60 degree v-bit on the CNC. The design is Garrett Fromme with IDC. It is free if you subcribe to his Emails or I think that you can find it on ETSY. Thanks, Michael levine.