2 issues with SLB

Good day! I just installed the SLB, and 2 issues came up:

  1. Auto touch probe is not working on X and Y axis (good on Z axis though). Makes a grinding noise when trying X or Y, then gives an error message.
  2. I have an existing nc file, but SLB is not cutting correctly (works on the original board). X axis cut is appr. 18 inches wide, but SLB is only cutting 6 inches - so the cuts are intersecting with other (like it compressed the cuts together). I’m using Easel to create the gcode, and as I mentioned earlier, when going back to the original board, everything works. Weird!

@CantGrowUp Welcome to the group, Scott.

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Hi @CantGrowUp,

Both your issues actually sound like the same issue which is that your machine is not being able to keep up with the higher speeds of the SLB. This is the same as what’s being discussed on this other thread here:


You can test this manually using the steps outlined here under " CNC losing location during goto, outlining, probing, or running a job":

Please let me know how that goes for you. If you can also let me know if you have a 48x30 LongMill MK2 then that would help since I’m gathering information on commonalities between people reporting this issue