30 x 30 Long Mill for sale $1200

Bought Long Mill, Had major surgery. Need to sell. Never put together. Will meet to deliver. Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Western New York. message me. Thank you for reading.

I may be interested, if you can give me more information. A new unit with no extras or add-ons is slightly less than your asking price, is there anything else included with yours?

Sorry, a couple more questions.
How long have you had it.
I think there were 4 versions of the original with incremental improvements, what version is yours.

glt1958 Just wondering if my message is getting to you.

Sorry, yes.
I do not know the version.
I took delivery in February of 2021.
I selected all of the add ons.
Router, dust show, bits.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this if you still have it available. I’m in the Western New York area.

I do not want to ship it. So, I can meet you somewhere between here and there.

I can meet you somewhere in this area. I’d rather meet in person than depend on it being shipped.

You pick a spot. I’ll meet you there. What day and time works for you? I work days, Monday through Friday.

@bfloguy86 Brad: Please keep in mind the rules of the Marketplace and negotiate using private messaging. :grinning:

Thank you.


Hey I sent you another private message.

@glt1958 were you able to close a deal :smiley: ?