30x30 MK2 Pulley Table Storage System

I’ve had my CNC for a year but haven’t gotten around to finishing because I’ve wrestled with storage in my 1.5 car garage. Know we’ve all seen a lot of tables but as I’ve just finished mine (still things to tighten up of course). I thought I’d share quickly for others with odd garage configs. I have exposed Truss in half of my garage so decided to utilize this odd space to add a pulley system for my temporary work bench and my Longmill.

Hope to get the wiring in underside and setup this weekend finally. I designed this table so that I have just enough clearance that if I wanted to run it above the garage door while it is open I can. I have a bit less than 1/2" clearance now to bottom of Truss! Yikes.

Happy Friday.



Very cool I may switch mine up now LOL. I need more room This may be a good way to get some. Maybe.

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@GregsReinventions , after I get it setup and running I’ll report back on table sturdiness etc. It seems to be good but you never know until you put through paces. May be a while for that phase, as this is my first CNC endeavor… I spent way too much time designing table and pulley system than just getting it running!

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But not quite like yours :open_mouth:

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Hey Brummett,

I think you do it the right way round. I had my mill in Januari, made a half baked space for it and started playing. My table is still in beta mode and I have only limited time to improve on it ,in between jobs.
I like the inovative setup you have created. Very neat.

Once you get to the fun of cnc, its hard to stop.

My garage can hold one small european car, but no cars have been inside for a long long time. My miter saw made sure of that. I decided on a dedicated turnable table for the longmill. When in normal use, it’s tugged away in the corner but when I do maintenance or need to run a large project, I want to be able to rotate the table into the with of the garage.

At least, that’s the plan.

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Looks good! At least your cutting stuff! A Turntable sounds interesting. I was on the fence of doing a vertical wall mount or what I ended up doing. I’ll report back after it’s setup. Been too busy with work to finalize install but shortly.

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I have been cutting for a few weeks. Then I blew up my makita cause it spiraled into my wood and I had no way of stopping it. It eventually blew the main circuit breaker, leaving me in the dark… behind a closed electric door. So one of the last features I installed are emergency buttons and low amp circuit breakers right at the table. One for the longmill, one for the makita.

There is no need to blow up a makita before the circuit breaker kicks. Learning the hard way, is still learning.

I still have the option to go vertical with the longmill and might include that setup into the total design. I don’t have the option to go up, but I like it a lot, and am a bit jalouse.

Just a wee though.

Cool idea for the low amp breakers. I have a similar problem as well as the breaker box is far away from the actual garage. Thanks for sharing this idear!