30x30 to 30x48 extension gsender profile eprom flash?

Hey everone have a quick ?. I just ordered the 30x30 and the 48’ extension kit and downloaded gsender (latest). When I select the machine profile for 48 x 30 will I have to do a reflash of the eprom or is it the same as the 30 x 30? trying to get prepared before it arrives.

don’t ask why i just didn’t order the 48x30 from the getgo - was forced to do it this way for personal reasons

I’m thinking the only thing you will have to change is $130 X-axis maximum travel [millimeters]. And you’ll only need to change that if you have the sensors and enable soft limits. If you did get the sensors then you’ll want to enable homing, hard limits, and soft limits in gSender’s firmware tool. The soft limits need the machine dimensions $130-$132 for not hitting the ends without the sensor.

Thank you Michael much appreciated