3d printing service wanted

I have a small project if anyone has a 3d printer and can print petg or asa filament. I have a ps5 with aim controller paddles. The paddles continually break and have to be reordered at $15 a pop which is frustrating. I found a file to print them but do not want to spend a couple hundred dollars just to do so by purchasing a printer. So was wondering if any of you all had a printer than can do this and mail them to me for a reasonable price. If so let me know. Am tempted to get a printer but can not come up with many useful items to print from my business perspective. The file link is as follows if you might be interested. If the price is right I will download the file and send to you for the project.

STL file AIM Controller PS5 V3 paddles :joystick:・3D printing idea to download・Cults (cults3d.com)


you could try doing a double sided wood cutout of these. Not sure if wood would hold up if your breaking plastic.

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i apreciate the suggestion, BUT I think it’s probably beyond my 2.5d capabilities. I just didn’t want to buy a printer or spend a bunch of money or time learning to make this as I can order them fairly cheaply. Can’t help it I’m lazy like that. NOW if I could find a way to make some $ or incorporate a 3d printer into what I already do (stone and glass engraving and plaques & signs) I would be more motivated to try and tackle your suggestion.

Where are you located? I might be able to help, but the feasibility changes a lot according to where I am relative to you.

am in jefferson, ny 12093

I’m in Canada, so shipping / mail is a bit more expensive, but not prohibitive (if I had to guess, something on the order of $20 depending on box size and delivery speed). If you don’t find someone closer send me a message and I can see if we can figure something out. It looks like the STL you want costs about $18 from the site you linked. The amount of ASA or PETG is pretty minimal, cost wise.

One thing to note if you do go the buy-a-printer route, ASA requires higher temperatures and an enclosure to be able to print more successfully / easily. A less expensive printer might not do the trick for you - but PETG on the other hand could be done on a somewhat low cost printer. You could even check thrift stores / Craigslist to see if there are reasonably priced printers in good shape - I have seen some posts of people finding some real deals there.

If you’re tempted to get into 3D printing, I could find all sorts of ways to convince you it’s a great idea. Check out printables.com and thingiverse.com for all sorts of models. On the functional side, I have and use a variety of 3D printed CNC toe clamps with my LongMill - and on the decorative side, there are tons of easy gifts that can be made.

thanks Elbarsal,
I keep it in mind. Unfortunately, or Fortunately - depending on how you look at it, I am in a very rural area - no neighbors virtually - so craigslist and other used item of this nature are typically not offered in my area but will check anyways. If I do get a printer, I was thinking of the bambu mini a-1 (petg) or the bambu p1s which is enclosed and can do many filament types.
Not sure what I am going to do yet but I will keep you in mind. I don’t mind paying the postage and not looking to have this done for nothing- everyone deserves to get paid a reasonable amount for their time, effort and materials as well as for their invested equipment .
Attached is a real life pic as to their size. As you can see they are very small. The single 1 next the the “A” cap is broken in 2 pieces with 1 repaired with super glue and aluminum strand reinforcement.

they are quite small - weigh hardly anything and would fit in a 50 mm x 25 mm box - so I can’t imagine postage altho more expensive would be prohibitive. If your interested in doing this ( i am not looking any further) give me a price and we can move forward. If acceptable, I can paypal you the funds. I will provide the stl file in the link I provided. Otherwise, I probably will get 1 of the 2 printers to play with during a black friday event and print them myself as part of the learning process.

thanks for the offer to help. Let me know



Hi Kevin,

Those are really small, I didn’t realize that. If you’re committed to buying the STL eventually anyway, I can try a test print in ASA and see how it comes out. If it works out well, I could print a bunch of them and probably put them in a padded envelope, which would be a lot cheaper than a box.

I have a Creality K1 Max - just started trying out ASA and I have a full roll of black that I would be happy to experiment with. I don’t want to promise anything though before trying a sample or two - sometimes things don’t print well without a bit of tinkering.

As for my time, consider it a gift to the Sienci community and find a way to pay it forward. If the test print works out, we can figure out the cheapest way to get a bunch of them sent to you.

If you are interested in picking up a 3D printer, I’m pretty sure there are lots of people on this forum that are well versed in that realm as well.


Thank you Elbarsal,

I have no time frame for these. So I will send you the file or files to experiment with. I know these printer/settings are finicky to get them just right and if it will give you a chance to learn and play with a new filament type. If successful, guess we both win - But I would feel bad not paying a fair price for them, and will happily pay for them.

Additionally, they don’t have to be print perfect either ie. perfect layers no lines type of thing - they just need to work. I I will send you the stl files/s and some additional close up pictures of the 4 paddles (umm 3 paddles) so you at least have a comparison for your testing of the new filament. I am not sure if I will get to that today but will in next day or 2.

again many thanks