48x30 MK2 Setup

I received my 48x30 MK2 last week. I completed setup and surfaced the top of the table. I had an issue with the Z axis being reversed but managed to fix that in the firmware. The Vectric software will take some time to learn.


@Natura Welcome to the group Todd!

Your setup looks nice. Yeah, Vectric will take some time, but it’s really good IMHO and we are here if you get stuck. Make sure you use either grbl(mm) or grbl(inch) for the post-processor in Vectric when you save your tool paths.

Have fun and be safe!

Michael, thank you for your reply. To help learn the Vectric Software I am doing a course through Learn Your CNC Academy with Kyle Ely.

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I like Vectric Software as well. When I first started thinking about getting into this the software was one of the things that held me back. I’m not a spring chicken any more and I thought it would be hard to learn, it was not. I’m not a pro at it but I do all right. The way I started was by thinking about what I would like to make and then checked out YouTube for videos. I also asked questions here and always got help.

So, be kind to yourself, you will make mistakes and that’s ok. That my friend is how you learn.

Your setup looks great!

Good luck and have fun.