5axis long mill?

My latest endeavor, a wooden gnome for my wife.

But I had to build a +2 axis turntable which turned out to be more than I bargained for…….doesn’t it always. It took about 2 months but it works.
I found the files for it on thingiverse and for the most part it’s unmodified. Biggest modification is the larger motors than originally designed which required new side plates to go from nema 17’s to 23’s. I also customized the sensor brackets because I couldn’t find the exact sensor the creator had spec’ed. I 3d printed most of the parts. All the other parts, bearings, motors, drivers and hardware all from Amazon.
Early on thought I would be able to add in the two extra axis through the long mill controller. That didn’t seem possible once I got in there and started looking at things. I abandoned that idea and went mach3 for as cheap as possible. I had to block the frame up a good bit off the table to clear the thing when it’s tipped 90degrees, and man is that thing a pain to jog around. I’ve snapped a couple bits not paying close enough attention. I’ve done that to myself though, on the left side I glued a block and marked a position exactly 7inches negative in x to help me zero this rig easier. Which worked, except for maneuvering the bit into this tight area is a little risky. One thing about this rig is that it isn’t as rigid as one would hope for. I blame the 20x42x8 bearing being asked to support the load axially under the table. But I’ve gotta live with that by machining gently until I think of a better solution.
Big question, is it still a long mill? Either way I loved my original longmill. Never let me down once I figured it out. Even with some 30 hr long cuts. The longmill was my first home cnc and I have a funny feeling it won’t be my last. This project taught me enough that I now have another 4th axis project idea dreamed up for the Cnc’s at work. Further into the rabbit hole I I go!


That is pretty sweet @Stairguy. I am interested in doing this as well. Can you please link to the files on Thingiverse? I’ve looked and couldn’t find them. If you can’t link, then the title for the stls would be great. Thank you very much.

Wouldn’t that be 4 axis? The spin in the jaw is only one direction so its the 4th?

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Technically the cutting toolpaths are 3 axis. The other two axis just position/reposition the part underneath of the main 3, x y and z. They call it 3+2 axis with the table set up like this.

Good luck! Your gonna need it. The motors he calls out were a little to weak, just a warning. I went with high torque nema 17’s for the turn table, and nema 23’s for the pivot.

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Fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I appreciate it @Stairguy. :slight_smile:

Good feedback as well with the steppers. I figure there might be some backlash in these solutions. At this point, I am looking for “good enough” solutions. LOL.

Ordered a bunch of these last night: Amazon.com: RTELLIGENT Nema 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar Step Motor 1.8 Deg 68Ncm with Built-in 30cm Cable for 3D Printer CNC Router Not bad at "100 oz " of holding torque. I’ll be running these on 2209 and waiting for my MKS Gen L 2.1 board to arrive from chy-na. LOL.

I hope to give back to the community like this soon! :+1:t4: