6 Inch Blast gates

I spent a little bit of time creating a set of blast gates - I managed to get a set of two six-inch gates to be cut out of one 24" square piece of plywood. These are based on Shig Shop V2 plans, which can be found at Shigshop.com - 2019 6" blast gates - Shigshop

I have not modeled the supports b/c I actually ended up changing my direction and built some ones that would be easier to open from the ground level, they are based on some I saw Katz-moses build. But I thought someone might find this useful or safe them some drawing time.

my plan was to cut these out in 3/4" material, then also draw up and cut out the “supports” in 3/4 MDF and attach those to the gats as well. the 1/4 plywood I had was too warped, though I think MDF would likely work too.

I like the since they are not closed off and thus no dust will be able to be stuck in them. Pretty simple.

To cut out I set the initial tool paths using a 1/4" bit. Just adjust the tool paths to cut to the correct depth and right feeds and speeds.

Link to Carbide Create file