7" Field Monitor addition

I have been hating what the dust is doing to my laptop, can’t close the drawer and see what’s happening. Thought about putting a monitor up on the wall but that seems to be a waste. I remembered before retiring as a commercial photographer I had a 7" Field Monitor I would use when shooting videos. The mount that would clamp to my tripod also clamps to my front right support. I have ton’s of rechargeable batteries and this is what I came up with. Wireless mount can be up on the spoilboard, small monitor for jogging etc at eye level, seems to solve my dust issues for the laptop.

7" Field Monitor

Articulating Arm


What issues are you having with the laptop? is the need for a screen in that location only for zeroing xyz or are there other benefits I have yet to discover?

At this time I have only completed my first test cut.

When using the laptop, screen is open so all the dust and chips drop onto the keyboard, I can jog and run files and keep the laptop drawer closed, screen is small but workable and use the spoilboard as my mousepad.

Have you had damage to your laptop from the dust?
due to the placement of my garage heater, working at the front would cause massive saw dust issues. I guess I am trying to determine is how large is the risk of damage to my laptop from dust. ( is it mostly the inconvenience of constantly cleaning it)

No damage yet, however the cooling system gets filled wit dust, I have been blowing it out with air. I also covered the keyboard with stretch & seal, I am thinking best to keep it closed in the drawer. I have an extra 23" flat monitor and was considering a wall mount when I remembered the 7" and so far I like it.

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@Bill I like your set up, Bill. My old eyes need more than a 7" monitor, so I have a old 21" on an arm, running from an even older desktop PC.

I hear you Grant, readers & 72 here but I am close enough to the 7 inch to see it. Jogging and loading files seems ok plus no fan running.

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