A couple Gcode questions

Newbie here and getting the hang of using the software (Carbide Create and gSender) and have made several successful projects so far. Recently was working with some scrap engineered hardwood flooring (great for jigs, etc.) to make a set of cam clamps. Unless I set my doc to next to nothing, and feed so low, the first “full” profile cut always results in excessive chatter. But once I’m into the step over passes things are fine and I can speed things up - but limited to the 200% on gSender.

  1. Is there a way to program that first “full” pass with a starting feed rate, but once its in step over mode it automatically goes to a higher rate? And then repeat back for successive cutting depths.
  2. Being I’m getting this chatter on the initial plunge, the profile is sometimes not smooth. The starting position is in the middle of an arc and quite noticeable. The gcode generator in Carbide Create picked this starting spot. Is there a way to relocate the start to a less critical/noticeable position?

I realize this would involve modifying the gcode and I’m willing to give it a try if its not too complex.

I have a Genmitsu 4040Pro with the stock 70watt spindle so I know I’m very limited in how much material I can remove. I do have the mount for a palm rotor but need to get a few more xmas things done before I can start to play with it. (And then all my speed and feeds with go out the window again !!!)

Thanks in advance for any support. Cheers

@Turdmagnet I’ve moved your question to the Carbide Create topic, Steve. I have never used CC. I know how to address your issue in VCarve Pro, but I don’t know that would translate to CC.

As an aside, engineered hardwood flooring is as hard as a brick, in my experience. SLOW feed rates are the order of the day when working with it, especially if you are using 1/8" end mills.

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