A Couple of my projects

The first one is a fly-through bird feeder that started out very boring and then morphed into something a little more fun. I probably should have made it with a little more clearance. The second I made for a friend and his radio control airplane club


@Swinly You do fine work, L. Thanks for posting. What finish did you put on the feeder? It’s cedar, yes?

Thank you. The feeder is cedar and maple plywood. I used a oil base spar urethane.

The flag/plane is all pine but a water based poly. I wish I had taken a picture of it with the orange leds on. It made it look as the plane was flying during a sunset. The flag wasn’t done on the longmill but plane was. I’m slowly working the nerve up to some 3d carvings.

@Swinly , what can I say other than beautiful work, lets see it with the leds!

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