A custom synth using the MillOne

So I’ve been working on this customized synth for a few weeks. I’d already completed most of it before I bought my used MillOne a couple weeks back. But there were two things I wanted to mill out of aluminium bar if I could. One was of course the “Arturia” logo, the other was a tiny OLED screen mount which was too finicky to make by hand.

The logo was my first attempt so it’s a bit rough. I used a flat 1.89mm but I got melting on the bottom of the letters. The little screen holder I setup with a 2.98mm flat end mill and that milled great .

I’ve got some parts on order with Sienci to increase the Y axis, possibly to 700mm adding two supports. My next project is on the bench and is using the MillOne for a lot of the wood and metal parts.
I have to tile my work as the pieces are bigger than the MillOne work size, but as the actual stock doesn’t fit in the MillOne box I had to cut out large holes in the mdf at both of the cabinet sides. So the MillOne looks super ugly now, but works great!


Wow Nik, this is very cool!

Love the synth design and can’t believe the way you’ve been able to utilize your Mill One :grinning: