A few projects done on my Longmill MK2

My Longmill MK2 setup:

First project as test:

Clock using plywood:

Jewelry box for my daughter:


@PowerPC603 Very nice work.

Great table skeleton.

What is your table made from? It looks very interesting.

It’s made from aluminium extruded beams.
87mm wide and 130mm high.

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That is very cool. I never considered aluminum extrusions. Probably a bit more spendy than wood but the you get the t-slots for all kinds of things.

My workshop has no heating and is cold in the winter and hot during summer so I needed a table that doesn’t flex much because of temperature differences.
The aluminium extrusions are probably a little overkill but I got them for free at work.
They were used as a base frame on which an 18m tall stackercrane was built but after a decade, some extrusions started to crack and they were replaced. The old ones were destined to be thrown away but I got lucky to get them before they threw them away.