A few projects finished, still learning!

Well I finally got a few projects finished with 6 more on the table ready to go! Made a few goofs along the way but that’s all part of it. Love doing Vcarving, but pocketing…damn that stuff gets loud. That goodness my garage walls are thick or my neighbors would be a bit unhappy with me. This weekend I’m doing a few (hopefully) longer carves that will be gifts. Fingers crossed.


@EdwardS You rock Edward! Very nicely done for sure! Your finish is very good! Looking forward to seeing more from you (and me catching up to you).

Thanks Jake! Been spending LOTS of time on the computer. Nice thing about these flags is I can knock them out pretty quickly if needed. This weekend I’m going to try a more advanced cut that I’m looking forward to. It’ll require multi-layer paint/staining!

On a side note, I found that I didn’t have to use Ora-mask for the Chiefs logo coloring. Tried using shelf liner and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! Not tremendously cheaper, but locally available. Amazon sells Oramask for about $.80/ft. I bought mine for $.70/ft. On a business standpoint, every penny counts! Lol