A project that is a game contest

I have been making D&D style dice vaults for family and friends the last year, and the MK2 has really afforded me the opportunity to take off on them.

All are cut from hardwoods, with examples in walnut, cherry, rosewood, mesquite, chechen, maple, padauk, zebrawood, oak, and now pecan from a mill near Austin. The pecan is nice but brittle, and has flaws that need to be mapped out before carving. . Mesquite is my favorite, with cherry being a close second. I have a mill near San Antonio that supplies the best clear mesquite.

Dice pockets are all cut with a 1/4 inch downcut mill from SPeTool. Magnet pockets and profiles are cut with a 1/8 inch upcut mill from SPeTool. Holes for magnet screws are drilled with a 1/16 inch bit from SPeTool. (you may see a trend there. All of the bits have 1/4 inch shanks, making tool changes quick and easy.)

Vaults are designed in Carbide Create Pro. Magnets come from K&J Magnetics (https://www.kjmagnetics.com)).

Those look really nice! I really like the hexagon ones with the “sacred geometry”, I think that’s what it’s called anyway.

Nice work out of you sir!

Thank you, Michael. The design was a bit of a pain to draw, but I think it came out well. Based on a “Magical Circle” original by Dispel and made by Wyrmwood when they were working together. I did draw it in CC Pro so I could epoxy fill (the white and gold on walnut) or laser.

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