A Project that is a Kitchen Item CONTEST

Spaghetti is a favorite meal in the household and for years we’ve used a plastic spaghetti measuring gauge to determine the correct amount of noodles to cook.

I’ve always wanted to make a good gauge from wood but the holes, not being standard drill sizes, would be awkward to cut accurately. Fortunately, the LongMill II is happy to route any size hole I want.

I made these spaghetti measuring gauges from pieces of cherry and maple that I rescued from the firewood pile then ripped with the band saw, passed through the planer and on to the LongMill.

The text is routed with a 1/8” tapered ball mill and filled with black wax crayon; the holes and perimeter were cut with a ¼” end mill. The wood is finished with two coats of Minwax Polycyclic.