A small project making use of "scrap"

I save my cutoffs and mistakes and sometimes I think of ways to use them.

The ring is made from padauk with some hard maple in the center. The center is decorative and for strength as the grain in the middle section is rotated 90 degrees like a piece of plywood.

I wish the center popped a little more, sanding stained the maple with padauk, but overall I think it’s not bad for wood that was in my scrap bin.


Always looking for scrap wood ideas, thanks.

Had to see if I could go smaller for the ladies.


What do you use to hold these to the wasteboard while machining?

I’ve not been cutting all the way through, I have been leaving 0.5mm to hold it together, like one big thin tab, then I sand that 0.5mm away to release the ring part.

Genius!! I’ll give it a try - gracias!