A stable Mill One without 3d printed parts

Hi, everyone I have been following up on the Sienci designs from a while and want to build a LongMill from scratch. In the process, I realised they had a smaller desktop Mill before and couldn’t wait to build that first. Really liked the design so I went ahead and modified it in a way that I got rid of almost all the 3d printed parts. The only 3d printed parts on my MillOne would be the ACME nut holders. It’s a start, hoping all goes well.


And some progress, motors, lead screws, gantries installed and it moves but with a lot of noise. But yeah no 3d printed parts. Looks clean


@Dharmesh I missed your first post, Dharmesh. Welcome to the group. You bring a different perspective to it. Please keep posting your progress reports.

Your build is really looking good. :grinning: Why do you suppose it is so noisy? (no offence intended)

It’s noisy because the motors directly mount/touch the side panels and so do the aluminium rails. Maybe the 3d printed part in the original design acts as a damper. I would offset the motor with spacers and check how much it affects.

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And some more progress. Mechanical assembly completed without 3d printed parts. Very rigid.