About the Community Feedback category

Voice your suggestions on changes or improvements to our machines, software, the CNC resources we provide, and more

An example of why this feedback is useful manifests in feedback on the forum itself.

Why do we need Forum feedback?

This is where we can come together to decide who we are and what we are about .

This is a place for the folks who enjoy the forum so much that they want to go beyond merely reading and posting, to work toward improving our community together, a place for debate and evaluating direction.

Some great Site Feedback that we’d like to hear:

  • How can we welcome new members of our community and encourage them?

  • Which topics should we allow and encourage? Which topics should we explicitly discourage?

  • What are our standards for community behavior?

  • Are we setting a good example for the kinds of discussions we want in our community?

  • What problems and challenges does our community face, and what can we do about it?

  • How should we moderate our community, and who should the moderators be? When should we flag posts?

  • How do we publicize and grow our community?

  • How should (or why did) the rules change?