Accuracy of pocket cuts

I’m cutting out some cabinets with dados for shelves and grooves around the perimeter for assembly.

In fusion I have designed them and have 0.49 in thick plywood.
I tried 0.50 width for dado/groove and it came out ok on the external grooves but the internal dado is too tight measuring more like 0.45 despite being set to 0.5 in.

I am using a 2d pocket with 0.125 deep passes, and 2d contour for the cutout with same passes.

I have checked the measurements under inspection in fusion and they are correct at 0.50

Increased pockets to 0.525 and the shelf hammered in but was still on the too tight side.

Any thoughts on the accuracy I can expect? I cut two parts which were identical in the same setup and same deal dado in middle is tight and surrounding grooves are correct width after the pocket/profile tool paths.

Have you measured the actual tool diameter at the cutting end?

Bit measures 0.2495 inches with the same caliper so should be very close

Another thing to consider is the deflection of the bit as you cut - I like to have one (or sometimes even two) repeated finishing passes to skim off any material that remains.

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