Adding a roller

Anyone add a roller for the laser on the longmill

Hey Dudley, i’ll bite “add a roller” ???


For the laser to do bottles and such

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They have one on amazon you can unplug both y axis and plug one into the roller and from what I’ve read it should work

Ortur Laser Rotary Roller, Compatible with Most Engraving Machines, Engraver Y-axis Rotary Roller Engraving Module for Engraving Cylindrical Objects Cans, 360° Different Angles

Thanks I’ll have to look at it

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I’m interested in how to use a rotary roller as well. I’ve seen a couple of different rotary rollers that seem like they might work, but how to use them in software is my big question. Ortur has a rotary roller, and so does Genmitsu, but again, I’m not clear how to use them in conjunction with a LongMill, or how to interface with them in software.

Anyone have any success with something like this?

There are YouTube videos showing how in lightburn

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Has anyone tried one of these rotary units? Did you need to wire in different connectors or set any current settings lower? I think all of these have smaller motors than the longmill has so wondered if any changes would be needed.

The question I have is, will something like a YRR rotory jig fit under the Long Mill? I have seen a few threads on here but can’t seem to find them now. My guess is I’m looking in all the wrong places.
If you were going to add a jig what would you have to do? Maybe put a hole in the table?

@MikeH Mike I’m moving your post to this thread on adding a roller to the Long Mill for lasering.

It is likely the thread you were looking for.

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I do not have any of my equipment yet but I want to hit the ground running, and tripping I’m sure, but if you don’t fail now and then you don’t grow.

So It looks to me like a roller will not fit under the Z-axis and the Long Mill once set up is not moving, So could a person put a recess in the table to set a roller in? I think I could do that in my table, has anyone done this? If so how has it worked?

@MikeH How high are the rollers that you are looking at? The ortur one linked to above looks to be about 3" high. Then, of course, you have the height of whatever you are etching. I would think that you could make a bracket for the laser module that would put it high enough, but I’ve not really thought much about it.

You can definitely create a hole or pocket in your table top. There are threads here about doing just that for carving dovetails or fingers on long end grain boards. You could do something similar to make a platform for your laser mount.

gwilki, I saw some of those tables and I thought that’s what the holes were for.

Last night I gave it a lot of thought and I think I can make a pocket in the table then make a couple of adjustable brackets for what ever roller I get, drop it in the table at the proper height. (Sounds like SketchUp time.) If I took the part of the spoilboard that I cut out, put a bigger backing on it I could use threaded rods on it and pull it back under the table when the roller is out and not in use. I think that could work slick. I know it sounds complicated but I don’t think it would be. My SketchUp skills are iffy at best but good enough for concept. It might be a while but I’ll keep you posted.

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