Adding a Tool to the database

Where do I add the cutting length of the bit? I am adding a 1/32 end mill with a maximum cutting depth of 1/8 inch. I am assuming this is important for the CNC but I do not know where it goes in the Carveco tool database.

I do not believe there is a place in the Tool Database for the length of cut of a bit. It is not necessary for the software but is necessary for you to know.

The type, angle, diameter, feeds, and speeds of the cutting tool are needed because these specifications affect the tool path and the accuracy of the final product. The length of the cut, however, is not typically needed because it is assumed that the tool will be able to cut to its full length.


For what it’s worth Vectric products don’t have that setting either, that I can find anyway. You just have to make sure to not cut too deep. It’s not a problem if the shank and the cutting part are the same diameter but on any that have a smaller cutting part than the shank you have to be careful.