Additional inductive sensors

I would like to add 2 more inductive sensors (back left Y-Axis and Right side X-Axis).

I know I can use soft limits but recently started working with offsets and wasn’t thinking when I added a Y750 command to the console to move the gantry to the rear, so that I can have access to the work surface and the CNC crashed into the rear. Totally my fault but I would like to try and eliminate this type of error.

I have the MK1 V2 and am using the inductive sensors. I see that there is a second set of connection that appear to allow this. If it is possible, does Sienci have instructions on how to add the additional sensors? Is an additional power source needed?

Or is it possible to add a 2nd Y and a 2nd X and join them with a pigtail and have them go into the white JST connectors labeled as XLim, YLim?

Well, I ordered more inductive sensors, added one to the right side of the X axis and one to back left Y axis. I used the combined limit switch connection. Put the grounds together and tightened down, same with 5v and then each limit switch in their respective slots. I utilized the holes in the side gantries and the back left foot. Still using the connectors for front left and z axis. Works like a charm.

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