Additional use for Scotch White Pads

I realize this has nothing to do with CNC. I have been using white pads to apply finishes like Osmo for quite a while but I just found an additional use for them. Years a go a friend that was a pro window cleaner taught me how to professionally clean windows and I have been doing it myself for a long time. Warm water, few drops of Dawn, car wash mitt to wash the window, pro squeegee with replaceable rubbers, overlap about 50%, clean up edges with a clean micro fiber rag, amazing.

Works great except when you get deposits from hard water etc and the mitt doesn’t work, I know 0000 Steel wool works but its messy, rusts etc so I tried the white pads which I have boxes of in the shop and the worked so well I stopped with the mitt and just use the pads, a simple way to have extraordinary windows!