Adjusting the Long-mill 30"X30"

I put the Long-Mill 30X30 together yesterday and have run into several issues. #1 the 1/8" router bits keep flying out of the machine even though the collar is on them. Maybe I’m putting the collar on the wrong way, not too sure. On the X-axis there is an extra slot to mount 2 backlashes on the CNC. Was this an oversite in the instructions? I tried putting the dust collector mount on and this seemed to throw off the X-axis so I removed it. A friend of mine is coming over tonight to help mount the dust collector bracket on the machine. I’m assuming that I need to have two backlashes on the X-axis since there was an extra and two mounting holes on the machine.

@clark77494 Kent: There is only one backlash nut on each lead screw.

There is a right way and a wrong way to insert the 1/8" reducer into the 1/4" collet. The slots in the reducer stop short of one end. That is the end that goes into the collet. Insert the reducer so the slotted end is flush with the outer end of the collet.

I don’t have the new duct collector mount, so I cannot help you there. Chris has done an excellent installation video though.

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A friend of mine who is a machinist stopped by tonight. He got everything working hardware-wise. The only problem I’m having now is the software. It is just cutting air. I have the 2-inch calibrator that I ordered with the machine to 0 out the workpiece. The offset is set wrong and not sure how to fix it. Here is a link of the 3 photos that will hopefully describe the problem.

There are instructions for configuring the touch plate here:

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@clark77494 Maybe I haven’t had enough caffeine this morning, but I don’t understand the pics. It looks like you got the result you were after.
As Derrick said in his post, it’s very likely that that issue is your settings in UGS - if you are using UGS.
Are you?
If you continue to have problems, post screenshots of the probe settings screens from UGS. We can take a look at them and help.