AltMill Launch Details

Hello folks! Exciting news: the AltMill launches on Wednesday, March 27, 2024!

Visit our website at 12 PM EST on March 27th to order at AltMill 48×48 | Sienci Labs and join our live stream at 1 PM EST on the same day for Q&A:

For more on the AltMill project, check out and our blog AltMill Launch and Production Schedule | Sienci Labs.

This is great news. Can you tell me what the electrical requirements are for the spindle? Will it require its own dedicated electrical circuit or will it be able to share the same circuit the PC and CNC controller use? If it does require a dedicated circuit, what size? 15A, 20A or more?

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I am also interested in the electrical needs/requirements. I have pre-ordered the AltMill so would like to know ahead of time if I need to run a dedicated circuit.

@whitewolf I found this in the FAQ’s

Q: What are the power requirements for the AltMill?

The AltMill comes with a 48V10A power supply, which can supply 500 watts of power. Users should dedicate additional power based on the spindle they choose to use, which can range from 1.5KW and above. This may require having two or three available breakers, or 220V available for your spindle.

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Great, thank you so much. I must have overlooked as I went to the FAQ as well. Guess that means I need at least 1 power run :frowning:

So using the included 1.5KW spindle, I’ll need at minimum, 2KW available? So for the US, either a 110v 20A or some form of 220v? I don’t normally deal with 220v.