Another Aztec Calendar - Marvel

Had to give this a try, artwork is so good!

  • Calendar is about 14"
  • 1/2" MDF
  • 60° vee
  • Black primer/spray
  • Rub n Buff - Autumn Gold

It looked like it need a bit more substance, so I added a bezel, just a ring of same MDF with a shallow rabbet for the calendar to sit in.

I did some testing with a 90° vee but the finer lines cut too shallow.

Shout out too Sandy Eggo for creating/sharing the amazing artwork (file from


Great work Jason! The detail really is amazing. Really like the bronzy finish :+1:

Thanks! First time using that product, very happy with the result.

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Used Carbide Create (free) and gSender 0.7.3

What did you use to make it have that copper effect?


Not sure about the project above but it looks like it might be Rub N Buff or some other brand of metallic wax. You can get it on Amazon or at most craft stores.

They have a few different colors: silver, Spanish copper, gold…

@Jwar In the original post, Jason says that he used rub n buff - autumn gold. :grinning:

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lol right there in a nice bullet point formation too. :laughing:

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Hah, you got it! Very cool product, I bought a few different colours. Shop around, I found it for way cheaper than amazon on Opus Framing (online).

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Thanks to all, I should not be reading these awesome articles when half awake and at 3440x 1440 res on my
gaming monitor makes the lettering really small. I have a 1080 P monitor that I normal open the web up on my system. Again thanks for the information Found it on Amazon will check out the local Hobby Lobby store or that place that referenced.