Another Aztec Calendar - Marvel

Had to give this a try, artwork is so good!

  • Calendar is about 14"
  • 1/2" MDF
  • 60° vee
  • Black primer/spray
  • Rub n Buff - Autumn Gold

It looked like it need a bit more substance, so I added a bezel, just a ring of same MDF with a shallow rabbet for the calendar to sit in.

I did some testing with a 90° vee but the finer lines cut too shallow.

Shout out too Sandy Eggo for creating/sharing the amazing artwork (file from


Great work Jason! The detail really is amazing. Really like the bronzy finish :+1:

Thanks! First time using that product, very happy with the result.

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Used Carbide Create (free) and gSender 0.7.3