Another carveon the Longmill

I used a photo to create the STL of the moose and carved this with the Longmill. I used VCarve Desktop to create the cut file. I’ll airbrush the moose tomorrow.


Very nice, look forward to seeing your airbrush skills again … no pressure… Your project of your dog Dooggie was excellent.

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Nice moose carve! It looks very nice on it’s own, but can’t wait to see more of your painting skills.

Be safe!

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I like! What are you using to go from photo to STL? Thanks!

I use to get a basic STL. I size and sculpt it further in MeshMixer. And put the finishing touches sculpting it with Blender. All programs are free.

Painted it today.


Nice job. I sometimes think it would be cool to paint things, but when I do it looks horrible . Maybe with alot of practice I could it someday.

Pick up a fairly inexpensive double action airbrush and play with it. I had no artistc talent (really still don’t) but just a short bit of playing with the airbrush I can do ok.
I only paid 30 bucks for my airbrush but you will need compressed air. Some of them now have a small compressor built into the handle.

Love both the carving as well as the airbrushing. I’ve also played around with airbrushing effects, but never on a carving. Good going!

Marty from Kingston, ON