Anti-backlash nuts

Hi All,
Ive just received my Longmill MK2 and am in the middle of assembly. It looks like I have a couple of bad anti-backlash nuts. I was able to assemble the y axis without issues but the z axis - I can’t get them to work. Both seem to have threading issues when I follow the instructions. Frustrated! Any ideas?

@boswald Welcome to the group, Ben.

I’ve moved your question to the machine help topic. I believe it will get more traction here. Given that this seems to be a parts issue, I strongly suggest that you call Sienci. They will handle it promptly.

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I was putting mine together this evening and found the same frustration. The threading on a few of the anti-backlash nuts were not fully cut. I have 2 of the 3 lead screws that are extremely tight.

I contacted Sienci and they were great about it. Sent out a new set right away. Now I just have to get back to my assembling … be sure to give them a shout