Any Photo Vcarve Users

I was just wondering if anyone has used the Photo Vcarve funtion in Vetric. Cant seem to find mutch info on any longmill user’s that have used this. What would be the best bit to use and are there any pointers that anyone could share?


@Quefol I’ve moved your post to the Vectric Software Help category.

I’ve done a couple of these, but they were done a long time ago. I suggest that you look on the Vectric Forum for tips and advice.

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Here is my setting I use doing a photo VCarve .

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Thanks. I’ll give those setting a try. I was experimenting on some scrap pine but didn’t turn out to well. There were lots of burrs and not cutting very clean. Couldn’t really make out the image well. It was set at .05 depth, 60° vbit with the denses line spacing. I’ll mess with the settings, try a fresh sharp bit and maybe use hard wood next time. I might even adjust the image contrast and see if that would make a difference.

I like cutting cherry or maple wood for the photo vcarve