Any plans for offering more powerful laser?

If this question may have already been posted, I offer my apologies.

Does anyone know if there is a way to mount a more powerful laser to the MK2?

I believe they plan to work on a Co2 laser but I’m unsure about a stronger diode. I’m currently searching for a laser to mount onto the longmill (MK1) and do not want the 7-watt diode Sienci offers. Looking for a 40.

There are a couple of members here who have mounted non-Scienci lasers. I’m sure they will chime in when they can.

@vjcubas There are any number of diode lasers more powerful than the Sienci unit that will mount to the router mount of the Mk2. As an example, Jtech makes a 24w, 4 diode unit that you could mount to the Mk2. I suggest that you search on 20w diode laser. I did and come up with a few options that you can look into.