Anyone cutting hard wood maple black walnut etc

just curious if anyone has any good feeds n speeds for harder woods

Most of what I am doing is in hard maple. Walnut is much softer.

Feeds and speed depend a great deal on what bit you are using. There is a good starting point chart on the Sienci longmill site. If you search the net, you will find many more.

I am uber conservative, so I tend to go with slow feed and plunge speeds. You can increase the feed on the fly in UGS when you see and hear that everything is cutting well.

How do u adjust the speeds in ugs i cant find that im going 100ipm in maple atm with .100 doc

Sorry for this late reply. You cannot control spindle speeds in UGS if you have the Makita router without heavily modding the router.

You need a drive that can be controlled via DC voltage.

You can get a 110v 1.5kw spindle that’s water cooled from Amazon that will allow you to do this. But on the Makita router you’ll just have to adjust it with the dial.

Furthermore the spindle speed is set using the S code.

M3 S12000 = Clockwise motion, 12000 RPM.

You can access overrides through the overrides menu in UGS which will allow you to increase or decrease the spindle speed and feed rates during operation by percent increments. If this is not available for you, go to the Window tab at the top and search for the Overrides option.