Anyone here with a laser using Aspire?

I have purchased the laser module. Course it won’t arrive till August…but I’m researching how to use it properly. I however have a question. Currently I’m using Aspire. Aspire has a laser module that can added to their software. Anyone here running with Aspire and the laser? I hear a lot about laserburn…so I just wasn’t sure.

@chapklc - Kari, the Vectric laser module works with Aspire, VCarve Pro and Desktop and Cut2D versions. You use it like any of the other toolpaths to create your gcode. When you install it you get some extra icons in the toolpath panel. You would still use either GRBL Inch or MM for the post processor. The nice thing about it is that you use it as though it was a regular cut toolpath. Laserburn (guessing you mean LightBurn) is a stand alone separate program that you can design in or import other files to burn. It’s a very good program. Has nothing to do with Vectric programs. Both options are paid programs. Lightburn is $40 and I believe the Vectric laser addon is $49. I use LightBurn since I moved my laser from the LongMill to an old 3018 cnc I have.

@chapklc you can also use the laser on Vectric products (I have Vcarve Desktop) without purchasing the laser module and just defining the laser as a tool (EM) with a very fine point. You control the laser intensity by defining the spindle speed. It works very well. I did purchase the laser module and have played with it a bit and have to do a bit more playing to decide which I like better. At this point I’m leaning towards defining the laser as a end mill.