Anyone in the Milwaukee WI area?

I’m looking for anyone in the Milwaukee area who has a long Mill?

@Joe PM Sent - I am in Burlington

I am on the brink of buying an MK2. Close but not yet ready to take the plunge. I was looking for anyone “local” who had one that I could bounce questions off of.


@Joe - I had a MK1 and sold it recently, so I am of no help for the MK2 specifically, though some of the components and assembly are similar if not the same. I may be able to help with some general questions. You can send me a PM by clicking my icon and then message.

If you have other questions, though, definitely post them in the appropriate category in the forum or on the Facebook page. Tons of people willing to help, and since the MK2 is now shipping there are a bunch of people with them. Also check out videos from Garrett Fromme (upgrading to a MK2 soon) and Bucky’s Customs.

I personally would love a MK2 (and my MK1 back) but my life and use are changing to a new location Southwest in the next few months and I needed to “Downgrade” - meaning a much smaller machine. I’ll be in Burlington until early next year.

You wont be disappointed with the help and support of the forum and the staff at Sienci or the quality of the machine and accessories either. More companies should look at Sienci’s customer service model IMHO it is second to none.


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