April 26 - May 3, 2024 "LaserBeam Projects" Contest

Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing the amazing LongMill projects you’ve gifted.

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This week’s contest theme: LaserBeam projects. Share your best ones for a chance to win awesome prizes!

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Happy creating!

Hello, not sure where to post for this week Contest : “LaserBeam Projects”, Maybe this post can be moved if required…

Here we go…

This is a Multi-Wood Dice Tray for my Son’s D&D Group at school.

I first preped some scrap wood and glued it all, as if i was making a non endgrain cutting board.

Once glued and cleaned up a bit, I then used the Longmill MK1 12x30 to Surface each sides. (Using GSender Surfacing tool)

I then carved the shape into the assembled & surfaced block of wood. (Design in Carbide Create, Control using Gsender)

Then I found a great design for muti-faceted dice online.

At first I wanted to Laser engrave (Using the Laserbeam) inside the tray, but finaly decided to engrave the underside. (Design preparation in Lightburn, Control using Gsender)

Was not sure how the laser contrast would be since there was different species of wood, but it ended up really nice…

I then finished with some Cutting Board Oil.

Hope the D&D fans will create great adventure…