Arctic Awe Expedition Relief Map

I helped support a small 47 day Arctic expedition to Canada’s far north. The 2 person team, Pascale and Scott, pulled pulks (a sled) from Grise Fjord to, around and across Devon Island. The ice cap was about 1,400 metres above sea level and they travelled about 550 km as the ptarmigan flies or about 800 km as they trekked across the sea ice, up and down glaciers and across the ice cap. As a memento I created a relief map of their route across the Island. This first one was perfect until Scott pointed out that I misspelt arctic (sad face). The next one will be better (except I’ll probably break a bit and gouge the surface when 80% complete.


Wow, that was a pretty fantastic undertaking, and given that you crafted this very unique momento is quite neat.

I, too, have made similar errors “a few times” (who’s counting, right?!), and one way of getting around them is to mill away the misspelled title, then insert into its place a newly crafted replacement made of a complimentary wood. You don’t have to mill into the piece any deeper than a few mms, only deeply enough to completely “erase” the entire section. You could even go as far as to incorporate a nice border around the insert, which would add a nice feature to it.

And, of course because you’ve already done such a great job of making the map, using my idea you don’t have to redo any of it.

Just an idea to save you a lot of time and frustration.


Marty from Kingston, ON


Awsome keep us posted onthe progress.

Just to make you feel better, I had the misspelled incident a few times myself
Jean J from Ojochal, Costa Rica

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Thanks for the suggestion. Doing an inlay where I carve through the inlay material (something dark to offset the maple) to create a contrast for the title would have been a cool feature in the first place. Now I have to get it back from Scott…

The second relief map with corrected spelling has completed. Yeah. I didn’t break a bit, but I did start the job with the original tool paths which, of course I had updated. Caught it about half way through the first pass and was able to restart by manually removing the remaining material and restarting with the new files. The base of the model is an eight of an inch shallower, but if you don’t tell I won’t.