Are there affiliate/referral commissions from Sienci

I really love my Longmill and am into affiliate marketing. Does anyone know if Sienci offers any affiliate $$ if I promote their product? TIA

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@msparks916 - I’m pretty sure they don’t at present. Someone asked a while back if they offered discounts and such. Their reply was that in order to keep costs at a reasonable level their pricing precluded offering any discounts, etc. I doubt that will change any time soon but who knows.

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Now that you wrote the response, I remember the same thing. Thanks for jogging my memory.


@msparks916 - Hey Michael, we actually do affiliate marketing and are glad that you are interested in working with us! We do have a form here for us to get to know you a bit better. You can fill it out and it will be linked below.

Sponsorship Application:

Looking forward to reading your responses!