Are you using Fusion 360?

Hello all,

Just wondering how many people are using Fusion 360.

As some background, I have been using it extensively since a bit before purchasing my LongMill, and have made more than my share of mistakes (and a reasonable number of discoveries).

Would anyone be interested in seeing some tips / tricks / tidbits / gotchas about using Fusion? If so let me know the type of thing you might want to see.

Tidbit for example (and I will write this one up more fully as a stand-alone tip with pictures) - certain types of toolpaths have a default “tolerance” of 0.0004 inches for curve generation - which leads to really large gcode files and poor machine performance (stuttering, etc). Changing tolerance to 0.004, and turning on smoothing with the same value of 0.004, leads to significantly smaller gcode and much better performance.


Ever since it was called Inventor Fusion…maybe 2012 or 2013. It’s come a long way in 10 years!