Are you using Fusion 360?

Hello all,

Just wondering how many people are using Fusion 360.

As some background, I have been using it extensively since a bit before purchasing my LongMill, and have made more than my share of mistakes (and a reasonable number of discoveries).

Would anyone be interested in seeing some tips / tricks / tidbits / gotchas about using Fusion? If so let me know the type of thing you might want to see.

Tidbit for example (and I will write this one up more fully as a stand-alone tip with pictures) - certain types of toolpaths have a default “tolerance” of 0.0004 inches for curve generation - which leads to really large gcode files and poor machine performance (stuttering, etc). Changing tolerance to 0.004, and turning on smoothing with the same value of 0.004, leads to significantly smaller gcode and much better performance.


Ever since it was called Inventor Fusion…maybe 2012 or 2013. It’s come a long way in 10 years!

I am just starting to get my feet wet with it. I know the learning curve is steep but it looks like a very powerful CAD/CAM sw. I am certainly interested in any tips you want to share.


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It’s a very powerful program that can be used for it’s modelling software, as well as cam and a bunch of other things. It’s been my go-to for my xcarve to large production machine with ATC etc, now to the LongMill. I also use it extensively for modelling things for 3d printing etc.

Bigges thing is just diving in and building or recreating something and going from there. I find this gets me to ask specific questions that I need to solve, versus sifting through content online trying to find something I need or learning random things I don’t directly have anything to apply it towards.



I’ve been using Fusion 360 for over a year now. It is a steep learning curve, but there are some great resources on Youtube.

Two of my favourites.

I’m just working through understanding all of the 2D and 3D CAM strategies. It’s amazing how capable the software is.

@dhavemann - there are so many CAM strategies, it really is powerful. There are some great videos out there too - I will check out your sources as well.

I do wish there were summaries of the videos in more tutorial / document format - sometimes I need a 5 second answer out of a longer video.