Ask Sienci! Noobs for Noobs

Hey guys! I’m being granted an great opportunity to interview some of the amazing minds over at Sienci Labs over the next bit and hope you all can help with some “noob” level questions I can ask. I’ve posted a link over at the Facebook page so I hope you all take the time to post some great questions! I will post the interviews for everyone to see!


No questions for me? Wow my job is so easy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

A great interview with @chrismakesstuff for your viewing pleasure! Please support the channel by liking commenting and subscribing!

More to come! Enjoy!


Great speaking with you Gary! I’m sure you’d also get more eyes on if you’d like me to post the video link over on the FB group as well :slight_smile:

Please do! Thanks again for the chat

A chat with Andy! Please like, comment and subscribe! hope you all enjoy the video!