Assembled , now what?

I assembled the LongMill according to all online instructions. Have a red power light. Installed UGS on my Mac, seems to be a connection with controller. I just cant do any type of jog motion. The box for the jogging is greyed out. Also switched out macs.

Hi Dave, glad it assembled I bet. First of all I am not a Mac person so not real familiar with how to set it up. I did notice, however, that the messages indicate a bluetooth connection. I don’t think that is right. Shouldn’t it connect to a USB port/connection? I may be off the wall but I seem to remember others with Mac connection issues.

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@Burke Welcome Dave. As Heyward said, you don’t want to be connecting by bluetooth.

You should have a port choice that looks something like

/dev/tty.usbmodem* or /dev/tty.usbserial

That’s how you want to connect.

Thanks Grant. I’m glad you chimed in. I obviously didn’t know the right terminology.

Yes that corrected the issue. But should I have it on cu or tty?146121858_3659336037454717_4455031513850357508_n

Thanks that resolved the issue

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@Burke That’s good, Dave, because I didn’t know which one to pick. :grinning: I’m on Windows and only knew those Mac port names from looking it up for another Mill owner a while back. Have fun.

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